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A Call to President Trump

In open message we reach out to President Trump.
The message identical to that presented to the Whitehouse previously.

The response!

The response it is hoped, radically of a different nature.

A response which shall reveal how importantly the current powers within the Whitehouse view freedom and truth itself.
Whether there is anything, any value higher in the minds & hearts of such powerful figures.

We ask, in a system where it is that status, medals and portrayed honour are bestowed upon selected achievement, 
A raised level of social existence for a respected act, a higher degree of ability, advancement or positive change.
In such a system, where is this potential for all placed?

Above existing orders, deserving the creation of a new & unique position? 

Regarded alongside the current perception & status of highest acknowledgement?  

Regarded below?

Below even that?

To the level of the Darkest Secret?

Not to be recognised whatsoever, while it is that acts which require no struggle, no hardship, are openly heralded. Acts & achievements which often bring joy and meaning regardless of public award, to the recipient.
Or is it to be the systematic oppression, as they before?


This work seeks no reward, no such recognition, just as they behind its creation, and they involved in the struggle.

Yet we do ask of President Trump that he views and treats this work as though it were the very individual within such a world.

Every Individual.
Regardless of "nationality", "race", "religion" or place within time.


Proving to be a President whom for whatever reason, assists in the championing of the entire human race, through a move that will define more than an Age.

Altering the perceptions of unjust history itself.

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