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The elemental principle of this movement, is the complete elimination of all unjust links. 

Ensuring only the names of those responsible for events are used in reference to such matters, and not a group label which continually accuses those who are innocent. 

Ensuring that this truth is openly and universally taught, within all centres of learning, spoken within all governments, all religions, all media's, and all areas of life. 

Ensuring also that portrayed history is reviewed, and rewritten with such clarity and understanding. 

Such a process can end racism; Instantly end many feuds and age old resentments, and in doing so, prevent further events from ever manifesting into our shared world. 


Those in accord/agreement with the following statements, are invited to join and help create such a pivotal and historic change. 


I oppose the structure which connects the innocent with the guilty. 


I oppose the structure which connects the lives of today, with matters and events of various pasts not of their doing, and which has unjustly portrayed countless lives throughout human history. 


I oppose the use of any label which may appear to include myself and other lives, in matters not of our doing. 


I wish my name to be protected and removed from such injustice, and all matters not of my doing. 


I wish my name to stand out from such injustice, and to openly state that I am of no connection to such events and false histories, and to openly claim my own acknowledgement of all others who are, and have been unjustly cast within events not of their doing. 



It is my wish, that my name be included within such a movement, and upon DECLARATION 10-11.

Thank you for standing with us!

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