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The Question

Within the cities of Manchester and London, focused harm upon innocent lives.

Today, just as in varied form everyday, in varied locations throughout the world.
Many such acts seen, yet most go unseen.
From the events which reach the public through the media's, to those which never reach wider audience's and those which may never leave a solitary room, or location of a random point never to be known of by any other than the "agressor" and "victim".

The simple question is this:

Would they who targeted these innocent lives have done so if they had not been taught to perceive actions, words and events in group format?

To merge one or a few, into many and all.

It is of the same question to ask if it is that any retaliation over the recent acts be turned from the acts of one or a few, into many and all.

Directed at they with a similar look, name, ancestry, race, nationality/location or religion? The mirrored and cloned mental process held by they carrying out such acts of injustice. Rather than a retaliation directed only towards the specific individuals who carried out such atrocities.

To think further back to the yesterdays of the events which moulded and forged the most recent.

Would the events and situations seen, heard or read about by the "attackers" have motivated theses individuals to target the innocent, if they had not seen, heard, read and perceived such instigating moments as, and upon a wider group?

That an entire "race", "religion" or "nation" had carried out whatever the offending action may have been.

To the events which produced these very echoes, sounding out this very day.

The histories we are all taught, in the manner we are all taught. Whatever the language, whatever the current focus or bias.

Would any view and judge wars and atrocities of both the present and past, as the responsibility of an entire "nation", "race" or "religion" rather than a specific leader, time specific military or group branded with the same label as they who do not think or act in such a manner?

Would the lives within a territory feel guilt, shame or burden over the acts of another, purely because they live or once lived within relative proximity?

Because they were of the same or similar colour/genetics?

Or said to be of the same faith?

Would a perceived "race", "nation" or "religion" feel guilt, shame or burden for the events portrayed upon an entire label, which in truth were the acts of individuals?

Would one of any genetic background feel the guilt, shame or burden over past genocides, wars and a slave trade that is not of their doing, and of no just connection to them whatsoever?

Would we, would any of us feel guilt, shame or burden over wars, murders, injustices and countless horrors that in truth were nothing to do with us?

Events we had no part in except through believed fictional constructs.

Would any life feel anger towards ourselves.

Would we feel anger towards any other than the specific individuals responsible for any provoking or hurtful act, if we had not all been taught to perceive acts, words and events upon they unconnected in anything other than a label.

Would individuals target the innocent in such manners if they did not read, hear and perceive in such a twisted and unjust form of vision?

It is a simple question.
A simple question with a simple and pure answer/solution.
Making the loss, the suffering, and the injustices throughout all our histories, all our lives, even more horrific than was previously imagined.


 And ask that they refuse to link any events, actions or words, with any other than they directly responsible. Regardless the manner in which such events are being portrayed to the human world.




Refuse to target any life over a perceived label of faith, "race" or "nationality", lives which are only perceived as the same by many, due to a label alone. A label hiding both difference within such a label, and similarity of thought, feeling and dream with many seen as of another label. Refuse targeting by physical means, refuse targeting by word and insult also.

No military army or technological weapon may end this cycle. 

No economic utopia. No government agreement or deal.



We call each individual to do so, and to change not only the present and future, but the very perception of human history for all.

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