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A Call to President Obama

We call upon President Barack Obama specifically, in open correspondence:

To help bring about this great change.
To help show the populations of the world that we are all in truth individual, and we have never in this same truth ceased to be so. Only within the illusion and perceptions with which all have been cursed. 


The glories and the curse cannot be separated, unless the human is separated from this glorified curse.
For should this curse be glorified in any form, then the very segregation “human rights activists” fought against was in fact strengthened and not defeated.

Further intensified, beneath the banner of “unity”.


For what is unity? Unity is not to end segregation, when it is that individuals chose to eliminate one area of the problem, yet elect to strengthen it elsewhere.

This is segregation.

To assist in the creation of a far greater problem upon yet more innocent lives.

This is injustice.


We ask President Obama’s assistance in that which is truly a world and history changing moment.

We ask President Obama’s assistance, in eliminating that which has plagued all previous ages, and to set about the dawning of a new and clear age.
An age free from the burdens of such error and darkness.
An age in which we can stand before one another as that which we by nature are, individuals.


Although it is that this work has been presented to the White House upon several occasions, this does not necessarily imply President Obama or key officials were made aware of the Declaration.

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