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Who We Are


We believe that no life should be treated unfairly, that no life should be judged, blamed or even praised for the actions of any other.

Our aim is nothing less than the complete elimination of all unjust group perceptions.

The elimination of racism, and all forms of Discrimination via association (be they based upon race, religion, gender, nationality/location, or any other form or unjust group bias).


We seek to build a world/society, in which each life is viewed independently and upon their own actions.

Not upon the actions or words of others, which many believe to be associated purely because of location, religious belief, or appearance/genetic history

Nor viewed and judged upon the actions or words of any other from times past, nor any media/historical texts which cast such words and actions upon those completely innocent of such matters.

We seek a world and society in which all present and future generations are free of unjust guilt, blame and retaliation. 

A world and society in which you yourself are viewed independently of all events not of your doing, and in which both you and your name are defended and given complete immunity from such injustices, now and forever more.


In order to achieve such a world we must universally change the very manner in which each individual is portrayed.

Such a result can be achieved by altering the very language systems written and spoken by all.

This act must be implemented within all media's, all historical texts, and all centres of learning.

Mankind must use only the names of the relevant and specific individuals in question, and not the labels of nationality/location, gender, race, and religion, which such individuals are most often portrayed as representing/being (and therefore generating the illusion that others seen as being of the same label, may also be responsible for the particular act/statement/mentality).

Through such a move, only they directly responsible for events are held accountable, and not those previously associated through unspecific labels, and the unspecific perceptions which they create.


None should be accused of, or face the consequences for a crime committed by a neighbour, purely because they live or lived within the same area.

This would be seen as ridiculous by most.

Yet many often miss this very same truth if the area is larger (Such as a Nation), or wider reaching matters not confined to areas of land (Such as religious belief and race).


If it is that you should not be viewed or accused of a crime committed by another simply because you reside within the same street/neighbourhood.

Then so too no one should be viewed or accused of something another has done purely because they live/lived within the same nation, claimed the same religious/non-religious beliefs, or carried a similar genetic background.

This should be the case, even if the culprit was not only distantly related, but an immediate relative.

This act, was not you.

Then so too the world we live within.

We are not that which those directly and immediately related to us do, never mind any distant form of relation or apparent relation.


History was never an entire religion, race, or nation against another.

Events have simply and deceitfully being worded as such. Yet as more and more read and hear such untruthful words, the numbers grow.

Today’s world still uses language systems which accuse/blame you for mentalities and events not of your doing.

Just as it has throughout history.

Such wording is creating such perception, and such perceptions create such actions/worlds.


We ask you to stand with us,

We ask you to help make this greatest and most important of changes.

We ask you, we ask all to stand as yourselves, and promote that this is no longer to be a world in which an individual is recorded and portrayed as an entire nation, race, religion, gender, or perceived group.

This is, and always has been a combined world of individuals.

     Let us speak of it as such, Let us see it as such.

How You Can Help

1. Advocate for Change

Spread the Word


We aim to ensure that all media's transform their wording upon all such points and events.

We aim to ensure that all schools, all centres of learning utilise this new and clear system.

We aim to further approach the Governments of the world, so that they may begin the implementation of this system and help monitor its process.

You can help by showing your support for such a move, and reach out to these medias, centres of learning, and political/governing bodies, and send them here.



We aim to create focal points within each city and nation, to openly herald such support eternally.

A Tower inscribed with the names of all in specific agreement, and have these areas classified as independent ground.

Showing not only the will and desire of the individual, but the ruling Government/Powers support for this historic move, and their support for each individual within their realm.

All help received, be this monetary donation, land, property or services, go towards the achievement of this aim.



Above all things, you can begin helping this very moment, by ensuring that your own wording of events is specific to the individual, and not replaced with any seemingly associated group identity.  

Ensuring also that you highlight this point as others speak in error, whenever appropriate for you to do so.


You can begin making a difference immediately.

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