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The Darkside of Unity

Violence directed towards individuals because it is that they are not perceived as the individual, but as a member of a group entity.

Yet the calls most often heard to counter such acts?

    "We are a world family"
    "We are one world"

All of which lessen in most the perception of the individual, and strengthen the very idea of group.

We have seen what happens when hatred and angry reach the intensity of a physical manifestation/act.

Whether that be directed at one "race" or any other. 

One "religion" or any other. 
One "nation" or any other.

Hatred and anger can be just as easily focused upon an entire perceived world, and all perceived to be within it.

It is unwise to create and strengthen further the very illusion which can and does connect the unrelated to an event, and any retaliation for such an event. 

Many today, just as throughout history, are promoting the very process which lessens the belief and perception of each life being individual, with varying abilities, qualities and morals, while strengthening such a misleading idea of group.

Such a process widens a target area to include ever more innocent lives.

It is the very process which makes targets so unspecific, so unjust.

If any form of unity is to be used in order to counter such atrocities, then for prevention of future injustice and suffering, this must be a unity of individuals, as individuals, and not group.

United as individuals against the very idea that all within a perceived group are the cloned & unvarying mass they have been portrayed to be.
Cloned of belief, opinion and action.

We must be United in statement to all present & potential "aggressors" that this is not so, and never has it been.

To state we, not a misleading label are all innocent of events not of our own doing.
To state we, just as they, are responsible only for acts of our own doing.


A vision any truthful and advanced God, would always have clearly & perfectly seen.

A vision which mankind would be aware of themselves, believer or not, if such a truthful & advanced portrayal of events & life had been spoken, written and propagated.


A truth we all saw before we were taught not to see it. 

A truth someday all shall see again.
If we begin to teach in our communication and very lives, this universal truth.

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